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December 05 2011

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lets open it
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book end paper: many many Verlorbeeren, the berries of the losers
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the title
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the sheet of data regarding every single contest
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how i came to my contribution
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my contributions for the illusutra
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chapter opener
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about the contest
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documenting the workflow
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documenting the workflow
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the resumee. no mercy, we are giving honest grades to the competitions. not more than the grade before the lowest grade for this one
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its time for the big break
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Work In Progress doesn´t mean you can´t celebrate...until you see everything from another perspective
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buttons for the Work In Progress project
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buttons for the Work In Progress project in action

November 20 2011

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Desig of an i-pad application for the fictive art magazine eye.
The background changes after every use.
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Logo Design for the fictive e-car company eco engine
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Design for the Viennale Bag Contest 2011
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